Vak version 0.7.0 released!

Hi all, just letting everyone know we released vak version 0.7.0.
:star_struck: vak 路 PyPI :star_struck:
The release notes are here:
Release 0.7.0 路 vocalpy/vak 路 GitHub

Highlights include:

  • vak can now match audio files like bird1.wav with annotation files with names like bird1.csv, instead of demanding you name your annotation files bird1.wav.csv; thank you @Sita for pointing out this more natural for a lot of people
  • The transform that normalizes spectrograms is now fit only to the training set (a bugfix that could technically have impacted performance evaluations, but I鈥檓 guessing in practice does not have a huge effect for use cases we鈥檝e been focused on so far).
  • Many other clean ups, documentation enhancements, minor bugfixes, etc. (See release notes for more.)

You should be able to pip install vak==0.7.0 and conda install vak==0.7.0 -c conda-forge too.

Releasing now in part to fix the issue @yardenc spotted here:

More to come soon! Thanks to support from @yardenc :pray: (so @koparkanya please tell Lena I鈥檓 not going anywhere anytime soon)