How to use the VocalPy forum

Welcome to the forum for VocalPy :speech_balloon: :python:! This is a positive, inclusive, and constructive community space. It’s a place for asking questions, reporting bugs, connecting with others in the community, discussing use cases, and more.

Please be mindful of our Code of Conduct and keep interactions respectful.

What is the vocalpy forum:

  • This site is for everyone!
  • You can find questions from other community members here, and answers to their questions.
  • We will also use this forum to:
    • announce software releases
    • openly discuss governance of the community

How do I use Discourse?

(adapted in part from the Python Discourse quick start – thank you Carol!)

For a complete introduction to Discourse, please see this New User Guide: Discourse New User Guide - users - Discourse Meta

Keyboard Shortcuts

Found in top right “hamburger” menu (see icon in image), or press ?


For more, see the “navigation tools” section here (click on image to open in new tab):

Can I receive alerts for certain topics, for example just “Announcements” of new releases?

You can set category notifications.
From the Discourse New User Guide:

Notification level can also be set per category. To change any of these defaults, see your user preferences, or visit the category page, and use the notification control above the topic list, on the right side.

You can also set alerts for tags, e.g. if you just want to be alerted about posts on vak.

For more detail, see (click on link to open in new tab):

How do I search?

Discourse has built-in search (magnifying glass in upper-right corner), and is perfectly searchable using Google.

Email notifications:

  • Note that email notifications from this site may get sorted in your email client to various places, so be sure emails from aren’t being lost if you do in fact want them.

Writing posts/replies


  • In Markdown syntax, a link within parentheses like ( does not resolve to a clickable hyperlink. If you want your link active, put spaces between the url and the parentheses like ( ) or use Markdown syntax like []( . Discourse discussion topic on this .