Crowsetta accepted as a pyOpenSci package, published in JOSS, version 5.0.0 released

Hi all,

Proud to announce that Crowsetta has been accepted as a package at pyOpenSci :tada: and published in JOSS :rocket:

pyOpenSci review is here if you鈥檙e interested: crowsetta: A Python tool to work with any format for annotating animal vocalizations and bioacoustics data. 路 Issue #68 路 pyOpenSci/software-submission 路 GitHub

The JOSS article is here:

Version 5.0.0 is released, is available on PyPI and conda-forge, and includes all changes from the review.

Release notes:

5.0.0 鈥 2023-03-29

This release is the approved version after a successful pyOpenSci review! :tada:


  • Add information on contributing and setting up a development environment #212. Fixes #30.
  • Add method to convert generic sequence format to a pandas DataFrame #216.
  • Add additional vignettes to docs: on removing 鈥渟ilent鈥 labels from TextGrid annotations, on converting to the simple sequence and generic sequence formats #216. Fixes #152 and #197.
  • Add format class for Audacity extended label track format #226. Fixes #222 and #213.
  • Add the ability for a crowsetta.Annotation to have multiple sequences #243. Fixes #42.
  • Rewrite TextGrid class to better handle file formats: parse both 鈥渟hort鈥 and default format in either UTF-8 or UTF-16
    encoding; remove empty intervals from interval tiers by default; can convert multiple interval tiers to a single crowsetta.Annotation
    with multiple crowsetta.Sequences #243. Fixes #241


  • Remove Segment.from_row method, no longer used #232. Fixes #231


  • Revise landing page of docs, and some vignettes. Make other changes to clean up the docs build process
  • Coerce path-like attributes of GenericSeq dataframe schema to be strings. This helps ensure these columns are always native Pandas types
  • Fix how the crowsetta.Segment class converts onset sample and offset sample to int; correctly handle
    multiple numpy integer subtypes #238.

Huge thank yous to pyOpenSci reviewers Tessa Rhinehart, Sylvain Haupert and to YannickJadoul for your expert opinions on all things Praat TextGrid, and to Chiara Marmo for being the editor that brought it all together. Really appreciate all your contributions and the time you all put into this.