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Hi all :wave: just wanted to welcome @marisbasha @samlapp and @denajane13!
Please feel free to introduce yourself here and tell us about what you’re working on!

(@marisbasha already made an intro post here Introduction Maris Basha, new member - #3 by nicholdav – just trying to keep everybody connected :smiley_cat: )

Hi all. My name is Dena Clink and I am in the K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics at Cornell University. I am currently leading our efforts in Southeast Asia. I have a lot of fun annotated datasets of gibbons, hornbills, and argus pheasants that I am hoping to use for some automated annotation benchmarking! Excited to see what everyone else is up to :slight_smile:

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Welcome @denajane13!

Happy to support your work leading the Southeast Asia Project however we can.

Those do sound like some fun datasets.
I don’t think we’ve known anyone that was working with gibbons, hornbills, or argus pheasants yet!
Closest I can think of off the top of my head is some marmoset work: GitHub - kalleknast/MarmosetCallClassification: Classification of marmoset vocalizations

Would love to hear how the benchmarking goes when you’re ready to share.

Welcome new member @Jacqueline – please feel free to introduce yourself here and tell us a little about what you’re working on!

Hello all, my name is Daryll! I’m a PhD student in oceanography at UNH. My past work focused on pinniped vocal behavior, but for my current dissertation work I’ve pivoted to passive acoustic monitoring of cetaceans here in the N. Atlantic! I am always interested in learning about new ways to process and analyze acoustic data, so here to explore and see what interesting work is being done in this community!

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Welcome @daryllmarie so glad you’re here! PAM of cetaceans sounds very cool, it’s great to have someone studying marine mammals join. Please do feel free to explore and just let us know if we can help

Hi all, my name is Ralph Peterson and I am a PhD student at NYU working collaboratively with Dan Sanes, David Schneider, and Alex Williams. My work focuses on the neuroethology of vocal communication in the Mongolian gerbil and generally on auditory processing of natural acoustic behaviors. To that end, I use and develop machine audio tools to quantify acoustic behavior, which is why I’m here! Looking forward to seeing this community develop further and hopefully helping out to make these tools accessible for the field.

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Excellent, we’re happy you’re here @ralphpeterson! Strong showing from the gerbil contingent so far :hamster:

Hi everyone!

My name is Rifa, and I am a PhD student at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg working with Dr. Ulrich Knief on the role of song evolution on species divergence in the Willow tit (Poecile montanus). I mainly work with genomics data before, but recently started learning about bioacoustic analysis to measure acoustic features of the different song types (or regiolects) of the Willow tit. Looking forward to learning more from this community!

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Welcome @riifaaa! Glad you could join us.

Since you have worked with genomics data I think you will be well equipped to process a lot of bioacoustics data :grin:

Research on song types in the Willow tit sounds very cool–I just took a look at this from Knief (not letting the fact that I can’t speak German stop me :stuck_out_tongue: ). Guessing their range overlaps with the Alpine tit and that’s thought to contribute to the regiolects? Makes me think of studies of flycatchers I was just reading.

We’re hard at work on adding more functionality for extracting acoustic features right now, just let us know what would help you! Looking forward to learning from you as well! :bowing_man: :pray:

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